Protection. Security. Convenience.

With indoor storage and outdoor parking
we don’t just store your RV. We keep it ready for you.

All Part of Your Lease.
(Yes, you read that right.)

  Guaranteed Space for Your RV
With a full-year lease you'll be guaranteed a spot in our building all year, any time.
  24/7 Drop-N’-Go*
Drop off or pick up your RV 24/7, 365 days a year. Just call ahead 48 hours in advance.
  Vehicle Wash
No matter what you’ve picked up on the road, we’ll do a general pressure wash of your vehicle before storing. Need a little extra detailing? We can recommend trusted vendors to come onsite to clean all the nooks and crannies.
  Battery Maintenance
We’ll ensure your motorhome is vacation-ready at a moment’s notice. We’ll keep your battery banks charged and monitored on a regular schedule.
  Refrigerator & Dishwasher Ventilation
No wondering, “what’s that funky smell?” when you start your trip. Before storing, we’ll make sure your fridge and dishwasher are propped open. All we ask is that you empty out the food.
  Vehicle Prep*
Fear not as you start your trip! We will check your tire pressure, keep your battery charged, pre-cool your fridge and have your RV waiting in the yard for you.
  Site Security
Just like our name implies, no one is getting into Fort Knox without us knowing. Our site is fully fenced with gate-entry codes issued to customers for after-hours pickup and drop-off. We’ve got eyes on your prized possession at all hours with 24/7-security cameras.
  No Winterizing Needed
Our indoor, heated facility means you skip the hassle of draining your plumbing for the winter. Last minute trip idea? Your rig will be ready.
  Ice & Water Fill Up*
Before you leave, just ask and we can fill your water tank and hook you up with free ice.
  Dump Station
Easily dump your black and gray water at our onsite dump station, or we’re happy to dump your gunk for you upon request.
  Maintenance Referrals*
Electrical issues? Water line problems? We can refer you to trusted mechanics in the area that can come onsite for repairs and maintenance. No need to go anywhere!
  Indoor Facility
Keep your vehicle and pricey paint job out of the elements.
  Secure Car Parking
When you have an annual lease, there's always a spot for your car in our secure lot, no matter how long or how far you roam.
* Service provided by request or advanced notice

All Roads Lead to
Fort Knox

Well, maybe just I-40 and I-77, but for you mid-Atlantic road warriors, it’s the center of it all. We’re conveniently located in Statesville, NC, about an hour from Charlotte and the Piedmont Triad.
281 mi
294 mi
251 mi
216 mi
106 mi
219 mi
159 mi
248 mi
423 mi
386 mi
454 mi
124 mi

Best of the Best

You won’t find anyone like us. Our custom pricing ensures you get exactly what you need. We know how important your vehicle is to you. We’ll take care of it as we would our own, offering services other storage facilities don’t even consider.

Secure your spot now so you have the freedom to travel where you want, when you want, knowing your RV is ready to go when you are.

 Is there really any other alternative? We don’t think so.

With a full-year lease you'll be guaranteed a spot in our building all year, any time.

Your Spot is Always...

When you have an annual lease secured, your spot is always waiting for you. Enjoy the freedom of traveling on a whim without worrying about re-securing monthly leases, maintaining your RV or keeping it at home between trips.
Step 1


Ready to pack it in? Just give us advanced notice and you can drop your RV in the yard any day of the week, day or night.
Step 2

Rest Easy

We take care of the little details so you can focus on the fun stuff. Where are you heading? Who will you visit?
Step 3

Ready to Roll

Let us know you’re coming and we’ll have your RV waiting in the yard, batteries fully charged, tire pressure checked and fridge pre-cooled.
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